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Fox News: ‘Deerrrrrrp, Did Hillary Clinton Get a Face-Lift?’ [Updated]

In what appears to be an effort to ensure that Hillary Clinton never gives an interview to the network again, Fox News suggested this morning that Hillary Clinton may have gotten a face-lift recently. The evidence: She looks more “glamorous” in the professional-looking portrait that graces her new website than she does while resting a cheek on her fist as she gets chastised at a Congressional hearing. Must be a face-lift, right? 

Not that Steve Doocy’s doociest remark in some time really deserves to be scientifically refuted, but Clinton only stepped down as secretary of State on Friday. The website went online Monday morning. If you assume the website photo is new — and who the hell knows if it is — then she had a maximum of about two days to recover from her face-lift. And this is what you look like two days after getting a face-lift:

Update: Steve Doocy was just talking about the website, you guys!

To recap: “Somebody has launched a new website for her showing off this glamorous new face. Facelift, perhaps?”

Fox News Suggests Hillary Got Face-lift