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LAPD Offers $1 Million Reward for Homicidal Ex-Cop

Photo: LAPD

California authorities are still looking for Christopher Dorner, the extremely disgruntled ex-cop who killed a policeman and a young couple last week. No one has seen any sign of Dorner since Thursday, when the LAPD discovered his burned-out truck near Big Bear Lake, about 80 miles from Los Angeles. While officers searched the snowy area with the aid of helicopters, armored-personnel carriers , and heat-detecting equipment over the weekend, LAPD chief Charlie Beck announced that he would reopen the investigation into Dorner’s firing from the Department. (According to Dorner’s rambling online manifesto, his dismissal from the LAPD is what prompted the killing spree.) Beck also encouraged Dorner to surrender, but the authorities aren’t exactly counting on him to turn himself in: On Sunday afternoon, the LAPD offered a $1 million reward for information leading to an arrest.

Officers will also be on the lookout tonight in Los Angeles. They are said to be particularly worried about the possibility of Dorner reemerging at the Staples Center, where the Grammys are being held. CBS correspondent John Miller, a former LAPD bureau chief, explained that the heightened concern was due to a passage in Dorner’s manifesto where he promised to to target “Incident Command Posts” — a police term for mobile headquarters set up for special events. “You’re going to have a major police presence [at the Grammys] … you know he’s thought all this through,” Miller said. “I’ve spoken with people there and their problems are very interesting. One problem is, can they get enough cops to police the Grammys, when they have had everyone out deployed on this? People are being called in on days off, overtime and such. But they believe he’s shifted from being the hunter to being the hunted.” So, don’t be surprised if things seem a little tenser than usual on the red carpet.

LAPD Offers $1 Million for Homicidal Ex-Cop