The Most and Least Impressive Photos of Presidents Holding Guns

Not very impressive.

Over the weekend, the White House released a photo of President Obama firing a shotgun in an attempt to prove that he has, at least one time, indulged in the great American pastime of “shooting at stuff.” Unfortunately, the photo seemed to fail to impress the nation’s skeptical gun folk, who criticized Obama for everything from his grip to his aim to his gut. However, other presidents have looked even worse while posing with guns. Herewith, nineteen photos of presidents (and presidents-to-be) holding and firing guns, in ascending order of impressiveness.

19. Bill Clinton wants to ban this, so not impressive at all.

Photo: Dennis Cook/Corbis

18. Harry Truman about to blow his head off.

Photo: Bettmann/Corbis

17. While dove hunting, George W. Bush looks like he just heard the smoke monster, but it was probably a dove.

Photo: Greg Smith/Corbis

16. George H.W Bush dressed like the Bolivian national flag for some reason.

Photo: David Valdez/Getty Images

15. The aforementioned Obama photo.

The following six photos are all pretty neutral — neither impressive nor embarrassing.

14 (tie). FDR aims at something.

Photo: Corbis

14 (tie). Jimmy Carter at a gun show.

Photo: Ric Feld/Corbis

14 (tie): FDR again.

Photo: Eugene Tucker/Bettmann/Corbis

14 (tie): George W. Bush getting revenge on one of those doves that scared him so much earlier.

Photo: Greg Smith/Corbis

14 (tie). Calvin Coolidge shooting clay pigeons at home.

Photo: AP/Corbis

14 (tie): George H.W. Bush holding a gun he was given as a gift.

Photo: Ron Edmonds/Corbis

8.) Here’s Bill Clinton sitting behind, and possibly touching, a very large gun, which makes him a badass by proximity.

Photo: Larry Downing/Corbis

7. Jimmy Carter sitting on the absolute biggest gun he could find.

Photo: Thumma

6. Dwight Eisenhower gets major points for shooting simultaneously with Winston Churchill.

Photo: Keystone

5. A young, terrifying-looking Teddy Roosevelt will not hesitate to use that knife to finish the job.

Photo: Corbis

4. Dwight Eisenhower just going nuts with a machine gun.

Photo: Corbis

3. Ronald Reagan single-handedly defeated the Soviet Union with this assault rifle even though it weighs as much as he does.

Photo: Alliance Voice

2. An older Teddy Roosevelt killed an animal to hang on his wall. Super impressive.

Photo: Corbis

1. But not as impressive as this even larger dead animal that Roosevelt killed for absolutely no reason.

Photo: Bettmann/Corbis
19 Photos of Presidents Holding Guns