Send Us Your Deepest, Darkest Snow Secrets

Like this. Photo: superkb/instagram

A few days ago, following a much less intense snowfall than the one we’re about to receive, Instagram user superkb snapped a photo of a confession that had been scrawled on the windshield of a parked car in Crown Heights: “I VOTED FOR MITT ROMNEY.”

We’d never really thought of it before, but a fresh layer of snow strikes us as the perfect platform for getting deep, dark secrets off of one’s chest. It’s public but anonymous, and it’s also the rare snow activity that doesn’t require physical exertion.

If you feel the need for some catharsis this weekend, take a photo of your own snow secret and send it to us at Or, if you’re not overly concerned with maintaining anonymity, tweet it to @intelligencer with the hashtag #snowsecret. And then we’ll gather up all these secrets and show them to the world, for laughs.