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The Weather Isn’t Going to Give the U.S. a Break This Week

As the Northeast continues to dig its way out of this weekend’s blizzard, a tornado ripped through southern Mississippi on Sunday night, damaging hundreds of homes and injuring about a dozen people — though thankfully, there have been no reports of serious injuries. Several buildings were destroyed on the University of Southern Mississippi campus and many homes were left without power, but according to Mississippi Emergency Management Agency spokesman Greg Flynn, officials still haven’t been able to assess all the damage. “The problem is, it was so strong that there’s so much debris that there’s a lot of areas they haven’t been able to get to yet,” he said.

Hattiesburg, Miss. resident Eric Price took a cell phone video of the massive twister. The Associated Press didn’t appreciate his commentary, but “Holy [bleep]” seems like the appropriate response.

The Weather Won’t Give U.S. a Break This Week