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Wallace Shawn ‘Fascinated and Shocked’ by Iran’s R.O.U.S Problem

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 05: Wallace Shawn attends the
Wallace Shawn.

Knowing something about the dangers of Rodents of Unusual Size, Wallace Shawn was very alarmed when Daily Intelligencer informed him last night of the giant, radiation-mutated rats plaguing Tehran. “I’m fascinated and shocked,” he told us at the premiere of Admission, his eyes wide with horror, after we showed him a photo. “I’m going to check on this. I’m very concerned about this.”

Although Shawn has never wrestled with a R.O.U.S. in a fire swamp, he has seen them on the streets of New York, and he didn’t enjoy it. “I’m not ashamed to say that I was scared,” he told us. “And it’s not based on a great knowledge, it’s based on prejudice, just what we’re told. They don’t combine well with people.”

Wallace Shawn Alarmed by Iran’s R.O.U.S Problem