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Ethan Hawke Found the High Line More Romantic When It Was Bum-Infested

Hawke at last night's benefit.

Though the High Line has become one of the city’s premier date spots, Ethan Hawke is nostalgic for the days when the tracks were even more romantic — quiet, undeveloped, bum-infested. “For dating on the High Line? It’s not as good as it was,” the actor told Daily Intelligencer at a Friends of the High Line dinner last night on the Hudson River Park’s Pier 57. “When I was younger — I mean, it’s much more beautiful — but my sister used to take dance classes at the Joffrey Ballet, when we were, like, seniors in high school, so my brother and I would pick her up, and we would take her and her friends and we would sneak them up to the High Line and watch the sun set, before it was a park, when all the bums were living up there and stuff.” That High Line, Hawke, says, “was the perfect date.” 

Ethan Hawke: High Line More Romantic With Bums