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Warren Buffett Uses First Tweet to Show He’s Diggity-Down With the Kidz’ Lingo

 Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, attends the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference on July 13, 2012, in Sun Valley, Idaho. The conference has been hosted annually by the investment firm Allen & Company each July since 1983. The conference is typically attended by many of the world's most powerful media executives.
He is one with the youth culture.

Warren Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and “Buffett Rule” namesake, often likes to do folksy things to prove he’s not your average billionaire.

So today, Buffett — an octogenarian who until today only used his computer as an electronic bridge machine — joined Twitter and posted his first tweet.

Welcome to Twitter, Mr. Buffett. Now, please, easy on the slang. You’re embarrassing us.

Warren Buffett’s First Tweet