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A Williamsburg Bar Might Have to Watch You While You Pee

A New York Daily News story about people taking things from bar and restaurant bathrooms raises a troubling prospect. Chris Keller, the owner of the Banter Bar in Brooklyn, jokes,* “we have to put in cameras and watch everybody pee.” Because in the past two months they had not one but two $20 soccer-goal-shaped splash guards stolen from their urinals. New York State law says it’s illegal to put a camera in a bathroom “for no legitimate purpose,” and one could argue preventing theft is legitimate. Still, it would probably be cheaper (and considerably less creepy) to order a 12-pack of novelty urinal guards.

*This post has been updated to clarify that Banter has yet to install cameras in their bathrooms. But don’t tempt them.

A Williamsburg Bar Might Watch You While You Pee