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Someone Is Attempting to Photograph Every Bodega in Manhattan (on Foot)

Photographer Gail Quagliata is deep into one of those epic New York City art projects that can’t help but touch our jaded little hearts: She’s taking a picture of every single Manhattan bodega. By her count, there are about 4,000 stores that qualify — “My criteria is that a bodega sells lotto tickets, beer, or cigarettes (preferably all three),” she told Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York — and she’s walking to every one, tracking her progress on a Google Map. There’s also a Tumblr, where Quagliata often reviews the coffee. There are no 7-Elevens in sight.

Photo: Gail Quagliata

Shoes have "been an ongoing battle," Quagliata told Daily Intelligencer. "I spent the winter in some basic black leather knee-high boots (re-soled twice due to wear), I swapped in massive yellow galoshes for rainy/snowy days, and I happily traded those in for a pair of basic Vans sneakers when the weather got warm," she said. "Lucky for me I’ve only been sidelined by a foot injury once!"

Photo: Gail Quagliata

See more of Quagliata’s work here.

Every Manhattan Bodega Photographed