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Robots With Superhuman Strength Are Going to Kill Us All Soon

Nice knowing you all!

As you gather round the hearth with your loved ones this Christmas, try not to dwell on the following: Berkeley researchers have just discovered that a super-material called vanadium dioxide can be used to make artificial muscles that are 1,000 times more powerful than human muscles. According to the press release accompanying the discovery, a robot muscle made out of vanadium dioxide would be “able to catapult objects 50 times heavier than itself over a distance five times its length within 60 milliseconds — faster than the blink of an eye.

Eventually, vanadium dioxide muscles might find their way into robots like the one (pictured above) that just won a Pentagon-sponsored competition by driving a car, opening a door, and climbing a ladder, among other humanoid tasks. So finish your eggnog, open the presents, sing a carol or two, then pack the car and head for the hills.

Robots Are Going to Kill Us All Soon