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NYPD Slams Pregnant Woman Onto the Street in Latest Rough Arrest Video

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn for the second time in two weeks — the first was for this uncalled-for kick — after a tough-to-watch video surfaced on Facebook of an officer throwing a pregnant woman onto the ground and holding her stomach-down. Sandra Amezquita, five-foot-four and visibly five months pregnant, attempted to intervene in the arrest of her 17-year-old son for possession of a knife when she was manhandled. A friend who ran up to check on her was sent flying down the street with a two-handed shove.

The first thing I thought was they killed my baby and they’re going to kill my wife,” Ronel Lemos, the baby’s father, told the Daily News.

What we see is a woman who’s trying to protect her son, who is being stopped and frisked by police, and she became a victim. Slammed onto the floor,” said Dennis Flores of the local cop-watching group El Grito de Sunset Park. “Her belly is now with black and blue bruises. She’s bleeding and she’s having complications.”

“I was afraid something happened to my baby. I am still afraid that something is wrong,” said Amezquita, who suffered vaginal bleeding after the incident over the weekend.

Amezquita was given a summons for disorderly conduct.

NYPD Slams Pregnant Woman Onto the Ground: Video