jill abramson

Jill Abramson Is Now Writing for Free Weeklies

Former New York Times editor and boxing champion Jill Abramson is back in print, transitioning from running the newspaper of record to writing a feature for a constellation of free Manhattan weeklies owned by Straus Media. A byline is a byline, folks.

Between speaking gigs and her new start-up, Abramson has been busy since her infamous ouster from the Times in May. But she’s also found the time to practice some good old-fashioned long-form journalism. Her new 3,000-word piece about pedestrian deaths is called “The Tragedy After,” and will run in papers like the West Side Spirit and Our Town on Thursday. Abramson herself was struck by a delivery truck while crossing the street in 2007.

I love scrappy and this is a community story,” Abramson told Capital New York of her decision to run the story in Straus publications. Somehow we doubt she was paid $100,000 for it.