The Branches of the Bushes: A Family Tree


With another Bush presidential campaign possibly kicking off in the very near future, there's no better time for a refresher course on the sprawling political dynasty. Here, a family tree tracing five generations, from patriarch Prescott Bush down to his newest great-great-grandson, George Richey, born last year. In between you’ll find a talk-radio host, a pediatric nurse, and a couple of presidents, so far.

Bush Family Tree

*This article appears in the April 6, 2015 issue of New York Magazine.

PHOTOGRAPHS: AFP/Getty Images (Prescott bush); STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images (GEORGE H.W. BUSH); Stacie McChesney/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/getty images (George w. bush); Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images (JOHN E. BUSH); Jemal Countess/Getty Images (BARBARA BUSH); Noam Galai/Getty Images (JENNA BUSH HAGER); skipper/reuters (GEORGE p. BUSh); Theo Wargo/Getty Images (JEB BUSH JR.); Jemal Countess/Getty Images (JOHN ELLIS); Ben Gabbe/Getty Images (BILLY BUSH); NFL/Getty Images (JOSIAh ELLIS); Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan (NEIL BUSH); Carol T. Powers/Bloomberg via Getty Images (MARVIN BUSH); Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images (DOROTHY BUSH KOCH); Aylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images (Lauren Bush Lauren)

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