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Jeb Bush Eats Pie, Answers Questions About Chipotle

Jeb Bush, pictured not eating.

Jeb Bush tried to draw some attention away from potential 2016 rival Hillary Clinton on Thursday by letting the press watch him eat at a Politics and Pie event in Concord, New Hampshire. But just as you don’t win friends with salad, you don’t win the news cycle with baked goods. As Bush ate a piece of blueberry pie, a reporter asked about Clinton’s legendary trip to Chipotle earlier this week. “Do I go there? Yeah, I go there,” Bush said as he took a bite. “Drive my own car. Park my own car. Get out of my own car.” He added, “We normally cook our own Mexican food at home — it’s pretty good.” Jeez, enough about your cooking, Jeb. So if you were at Chipotle right now, what would you order?

Jeb Bush Eats Pie, Answers Chipotle Questions