A Brief History of the Long Road to George Pataki’s Not-So-Awaited Presidential Bid

George Pataki Makes Announcement On Presidential Race
We never thought this day would come.

George Pataki finally decided to run for president today. The road to his announcement is paved with more than a decade’s worth of “will-he-won’t-he” coverage so sad and minutely detailed it calls to mind what George Michael Bluth’s biography would look like if transcribed by Karl Ove Knausgaard. Since he has been but a footnote to the past few presidential contests — including this one, probably — it’s easy to forget how long we have been not waiting for this moment. 

Below, find a brief history of the near Sisyphean road to George Pataki’s presidential bid, as summarized by headlines. 

November 13, 1996: Stop Acting Presidential

November 15, 1998: Pataki May Have to Rethink His Political Goals

November 8, 2003: Pataki Dismisses Talk About 2008 Run

July 19, 2004: Could He Actually Be Thinking about Running for President?

March 1, 2005: Dems Howl Over Laughingstock Monkey Pataki

June 12, 2006: Can Pataki Fail Upward?

July 18, 2005: Pataki Goes From Hand to Hand in Iowa, Checking the 2008 Pulse

July 12, 2006: McCain Slams ‘Prez’ Pataki

August 14, 2006: As Pataki Turns: Could This Be It for George?

January 31, 2007: Pataki Isn’t Ready to Join the Race

September 3, 2008: Pataki: I’m Back!

May 10, 2010: George Pataki Can’t Even Count on New York for Presidential Bid

November 9, 2010: Former NY Gov. George Pataki pokes fun at Sarah Palin, hints at possible run for White House in 2012

April 21, 2011: George Pataki 99.9 Percent Not Running for President

May 24, 2011: Pataki, in NH, Says He’ll Decide Within Weeks Whether He’s in the Race

August 22, 2011: Completely Illogical George Pataki Run Could Actually Happen Soon

August 26, 2011: George Pataki Succumbs to Reality

September 29, 2014: George Pataki Flirts Again With a Presidential Bid

December, 1, 2014: Former NY Gov. George Pataki again exploring long-shot bid for presidency

February 20, 2015: Does George Pataki Seriously Think He Can Be President?

May 15, 2015: Let George Do It

May 28, 2015: Heard of George Pataki? Every four years he thinks about running for president.

May 28, 2015: George Pataki, Currently Polling at ’—,’ Is Running for President

May 28, 2015: Former NY Gov. George Pataki’s presidential bid viewed as longshot, even in Syracuse

The Road to George Pataki’s Presidential Bid