Woman Gets Bitten While Trying to Sit in Subway Seat Occupied by Bag

Last Friday morning, a woman was riding the F train toward Manhattan, and spied a seat occupied by an unmanned stationary valise (USV). She asked the woman next to the bag if she could sit there; when she received no response, she tried to claim the seat and was promptly bitten and scratched, and had her hair pulled. 

The owner of the USV got off at the next stop on 21st Street and Queenbridge, and the NYPD is still looking for her — and trying to solve the existential question of what humanity should do when seeing something and saying something conflicts with “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” On the other hand, this could have all been prevented if the suspect had obeyed MTA’s Goofus and Gallant courtesy campaign. 

Woman Gets Bitten on Subway