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Can the U.S. and China Give Cyberpeace a Chance?

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U.S., China Talking About a “Cyber Arms Control Treaty.” Wait, What Does That Mean, a “Cyber Arms Control Treaty”?

Not All That Much — the Treaty Is Unlikely to Cover Spying or Stealing Intellectual Property 

… and China Just Can’t Seem to Stop Itself From Stealing America’s Intellectual Property

They’re Also Creating a Database of Personal Info About People Who Work for the Federal Government That’s More Complete Than Facebook’s

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They Even Grabbed the Fingerprints of 5.6 Million Federal Employees! (But Not the Retinal Scans Yet)

That Really Pissed Off America’s Top Federal Employee 

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… Who Threatened China With Sanctions and Retaliatory Cyberattacks Just Two Weeks Ago

(Although, It’s Not Like America Doesn’t Also Hack Chinese Firms)

But Now a Limited Peace Treaty Banning Attacks on Critical Infrastructure May Be Possible

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… If They Can Agree on What ‘Critical’ Infrastructure Is

Cyberattacks on Infrastructure Have Been on the Rise in Recent Years

Just Ask a South Korean

The White House Has Downplayed Expectations for an Agreement

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Even As the Chinese President Promised American Tech Execs He’ll Get Tough on Cybercrime in Seattle

The Whole Issue Should Make for Fun Dinner-Table Conversation at the White House Tonight

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(Just everybody, please no texting.)

Can the U.S., China Give Cyberpeace a Chance?