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This Man Who Always Falls Asleep After Very Little Wine Is Totally Me

A woman who goes by miss-izzle on Reddit says her husband has a glass or two of wine on nights when he doesn’t have to work the next morning, but he can never get through both glasses before falling asleep in his chair or on the couch. Same.

The primary difference between me and this gentleman is that my wife doesn’t take a picture of me every time I pass out next to a half-full glass of wine, then turn all of those individual photos into a collage and put it on Reddit. (For the record, she says she’s been collecting the pictures for a year, and got his permission before dumping them online.)

Also, and I’m not trying to brag here, I own more than three shirts.

Another point of contrast: I don’t only drink wine and fall asleep on nights preceding a day off. For that matter, I don’t only drink wine and fall asleep on nights. And I don’t like Pinot Grigio that much. And, come to think of it, nor do I have three children and work 50 hours a week while also pursuing a degree in mathematics education.

But other than those few small differences, it me. Wine makes me sleepy.

Area Man Always Falls Asleep After a Little Wine