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A Cockney Accent Almost Makes Donald Trump Sound Like a Hard Man

Following the success of his video dubbing over a Donald Trump interview to give Trump a posh English accent, comedian and character actor Peter Serafinowicz is back at it. On Friday, he dropped a new video redubbing some of Trump’s comments about Bernie Sanders in a Cockney tough-guy voice. 

Ladies and gentlemen: “Donald Thump.” Keep in mind, none of the words have been changed, just the accent.

In the same way that Sophisticated Trump almost made Trump sound smart, the Cockney version almost makes him sound tough, like some kind of British gangster, instead of a whinging schoolboy who’d rather take his ball and go home than play with a girl.

Popular U.K. humor site the Poke reckons Donald Thump’s accent is based on British actor Ray Winstone, known for playing archetypal “hard men.” Eye fink you can really hear the bloody resemblance between the blokes, innit mate?

Cockney Donald Trump Almost Sounds Tough