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Ohio Man (Turned Florida Man) May Regret Sending Cops Additional Photos

Thanks for the memories.

A great American saga has ended. Ohio man Donald “Chip” Pugh, a man so dissatisfied with his mug shot that he sent cops a selfie to post instead, has been arrested in Florida. 

Did Chip’s vanity do him in? The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office did say they tracked down Pugh after a tip. At the very least, Pugh has another mug shot to add to his collection, or to use in a future Tinder profile. 

How’s this photo Donald Pugh? On January 6th, the Lima Police Department in Ohio, posted a photo of Donald “Chip” Pugh...

Posted by Escambia County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pugh said he didn’t take a “mean mug shot” the first time because — despite being arrested for drunk driving — he’d never been hauled into the police station on a misdemeanor charge. He knew he’d be released pretty quickly. “I felt like a kid in the candy store because I knew I was walking out there in a couple of minutes,” he told a local Ohio radio station. The grin in Pugh’s new mug shot is a little harder to explain; he’s in custody in Florida, and in addition to Ohio, he’s wanted on an outstanding warrant in Georgia, according to the Associated Press. 

Cops Arrest Fugitive Who Sent in Selfie