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Fresh Intelligence: Oregon Militants’ Standoff Escalation, Rupert Murdoch’s Surprise Engagment, and More

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Good morning and welcome to Fresh Intelligence, our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you’ll be talking about today. In today’s edition we find Ted Cruz off the beaten path in Louisiana, Rand Paul pouting at home, and Trump attacked from where he least expected it — rich people. Also, a local Bay Area foot is missing its man, Oregon militants lash out at an innocent fence, and the internet mourns David Bowie. Here’s the rundown for Tuesday, January 12.

With winter finally coming to New York, the weather elsewhere remains steadfastly odd. Tropical storms are set to batter the West Coast, while the Great Lakes region is buried under several feet of snow and has something called an arctic blast to look forward to. []
Oregon Militants Escalate Standoff
In a scene right out of a John Wayne movie, Oregon militants tried to draw law enforcement into a confrontation Monday by defacing the fence at the bird sanctuary they are occupying and going through government papers found on-site. Federal agents somehow managed to hold their fire. [NYT, CBS News]

Clinton Splits With Obama, Says Deportation Raids Must End
At the Iowa Black and Brown Forum on Monday night, Hillary Clinton called on the Obama administration to cease raids on undocumented Central American immigrants and provide attorneys for unattended child migrants. The recent raids, which have led to the arrest of more than 120 people, have infuriated liberals.

Rand Paul: Whining His Way to the White House
Rand Paul is trying public tantrum-throwing in a bid to win the hearts of the American people. He is refusing to take part in Fox Business News’s undercard debate this Thursday after he and Carly Fiorina were bumped from the main stage due to low polling numbers.

Cruz Preps for Early Voting … in the Wrong State
Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is spending the heated run-up to the Iowa Caucus in Louisiana. Commentators are giving him the benefit of the doubt, pointing to a strategy of prioritizing the South, not campaign-bus GPS error. [WaPo]

Trump Is No Longer a Man of the (Rich) People
The presidency is increasingly becoming Donald Trump’s only career option as new data shows his brand — read: himself — is increasingly out of favor with wealthy consumers — read: his entire customer base. [Politico]

United Begins Descent
Delta has surpassed United to become America’s second biggest airline. Analysts point to recent megamergers in the airline industry and a perception that Delta offers superior service, which just goes to show how terrible it’s become to fly in the United States. [Bloomberg]

Uber Pools
Leaked financials show rumors of massive losses at Uber to be, if anything, underestimated. The company lost a whopping $1 billion in the first half of 2015. Still, you won’t see taxi drivers rejoicing just yet, as the company’s revenues increased threefold to $1.5 billion. [Business Insider]

Silicon Valley Still Hostile to Women
A new survey of more than 200 influential women in the tech industry found a full 60 percent have received unwanted sexual advances. One in three women said that they have feared for their personal safety. [CNET]

Elon Musk Leaks Apple Car, Isn’t Bitter
In a BBC interview Tesla CEO Elon Musk referred to a rumored Apple car as an open secret, saying, “[I]t is pretty hard to hide something if you hire over a thousand engineers to do it.” When asked about Amazon CEO and rocket-business rival Jeff Bezos he continued the Regina George antics, saying “Jeff who?” [BBC]

Owner Can’t Keep Magazine Afloat in World He Helped Create
The owner of The New Republic, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is putting the liberal publication up for sale, saying he underestimated the challenges of transitioning to digital. He will now focus on creating a print edition of Facebook.
Jerry Hall Has Type
Model-actress Jerry Hall and octogenarian super-villain Rupert Murdoch have announced their engagement. Though famous for her longtime relationship with Mick Jagger, the marriage will be Hall’s first — and his fourth, but who’s counting?

Working Hard for the Money
Customers line up at the Last Stop in White Hills, Arizona, on January 10 for their shot at the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot.

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The Man Who Changed the World
Many heartfelt David Bowie memes circulated on Monday, including an updated tribute from the International Space Station. At New York, one of our favorite viral remembrances was this 1983 interview, in which Bowie called out MTV for failing to feature black artists, while talking with MTV.

Still too raw? The internet also provided this Bieber-fangirl-face-swap to help cheer you up.

Real-Life Parks and Recreation Plot Has Sad Ending
Residents of Whitesboro, New York, have voted to retain their village’s official seal, which depicts a white settler choking a Native American. Mistaking an entire enraged ethnic group for a toddler who’s walked in on their parents mid-coitus, villagers claim the two men are just wrestling. [Gawker]

Bay Area Mystery Afoot
In a scene ripped from an Elementary plot, a weeks-old dismembered foot has been found on the tracks of San Francisco’s BART train. The foot’s owner remains a mystery but locals are already blaming the tech bubble. [LA Times]

D.C. Braces for Presidential Tooting of Own Horn
The president delivers his final State of the Union address on Tuesday night, and commentators predict it will hold few surprises. On the other hand, Obama’s chances of picking a fight with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis mid-speech just improved slightly.

Affluenza Case Continues to Afflict Nation
Tonya Couch, mother of drunk-driving scofflaw Ethan Couch, will be released on Tuesday after posting bail. She has been in prison since she allegedly went on the lam with her teen son, only to be apprehended in the Mexican resort town Puerto Vallarta. [CNN]

Fresh Intelligence: Oregon Militants’ Escalation