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True Devotion Is This Girl Diving Into the Pool to Retrieve the Hoverboard She Fell Off Of

Ah, but what is love? Is it a feeling, an emotion, a series of thoughts? Or is it rather an action — an abstraction that takes shape in the movements of the devoted? What is love but the moment of the lover’s instinctive dive after her beloved?

The 2015 Christmas season blanketed the American landscape with hope, cheer, and hoverboards — and it took about ten seconds to lose all three of those things in a series of completely avoidable accidents. As Mike Tyson and countless others demonstrated, a hoverboard isn’t so much a gift to its owner as a gift to the comedy Vine community. But this might be the dumbest, most awkward hoverboard mishap of all.

According to one Austin Malone, his sister had only been using the board for two hours when she foolishly rode it near the edge of an in-ground pool. Hoverboard and dignity both quickly disappeared under the clear blue water as the girl futilely struggled to hold onto them. A failure, but one we can admire.

On the bright side, her brother got 20,000 likes and retweets on Twitter.

Girl and Her Hoverboard Both End Up in the Pool