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Jeb Betting That America Doesn’t Like Trump Mocking People With Disabilities

Jeb keeps getting this off his chest

After Donald Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s congenital joint condition, Jeb Bush called him a “jerk.” Now Jeb is trying to make that sentiment a little bit louder, running a TV ad in New Hampshire in which someone searches for “Donald Trump is a jerk” on YouTube and finds Jeb stumping. “I gotta get this off my chest,” Jeb says to a staid audience. “Donald Trump is a jerk.”

In Jeb’s stump speeches, he often brings up former Democrat voter Berthy De La Rosa-Aponte, whose daughter has a developmental disability. She inspired Jeb to care about this issue when she called him out during his 1998 gubernatorial campaign. 

Jeb’s anti-Trump tactics have at least earned him a new speaking slot. Tim Dyar, whose 12-year-old son Breylen has cerebral palsy and is featured in the ad, recently opened his diner in South Carolina for Jeb to hold a town hall meeting. Bush is currently in fifth place in South Carolina. 

Jeb Wants Trump to Pay for Mocking Disabled