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Celebrate Yourself and Your Cool Pants With Our Kanye Motivational Posters

Kanye West’s unexpected carpet-bombing of Wiz Khalifa on Twitter yesterday provided the world with more than just several hours’ worth of entertainment. It also provided us with an aspirational goal.

The truth is, while many may claim to be Kanye, in the end all of us are Wiz. But we can try to be Kanye; and to help us do so, we’ve created three motivational posters that you can print out and hang on the wall of your cubicle/bedroom/cell. Each one takes its inspirational and motivational message from Kanye’s tweets. Look to them when you are feeling unsure of yourself, or when someone distracts you from your creative process.

With extra motivational help from Seth Daggett and Jed Egan.

Motivate Yourself With Our Kanye Tweet Posters