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More Than 20,000 People Are Watching This Livestream of a Mildly Treacherous Puddle

On Periscope right now, a livestream of a puddle in Newcastle, England, has attracted a huge following, as tens of thousands of fans wait with bated breath to see how pedestrians attempt to navigate its treacherous depths (estimated by one commenter to be 5–6mm, or less than a quarter-inch).

That’s it. There’s not anything else going on. Just the puddle (apparently located at the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle), the pedestrians, and the viewers. It’s sort of like when the “Crazy Frog” song went to No. 1 on the charts in England ten years ago.

But, yes, fans are loving the puddle. They can’t get enough of #DrummondPuddleWatch. (Drummond is the company from whose offices the livestream is being broadcast.) The Drummond Puddle is the first big meme of 2016.

This person just walked through it like it was no big deal.


This guy showed up to demonstrate his great puddle-jumping technique.

This guy was on a bike.


It’s action-packed. Will people stride through the puddle or attempt to leap over it? Will someone drown in the puddle? Many commenters are now eagerly awaiting rush hour, when puddle traffic and puddle drama will likely peak. As I was writing this blog post, a man brought a floatie over to the puddle to chill in it.

We will continue to follow the Drummond Puddle and give you updates as needed.

People Are Watching a Livestream of a Puddle