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I Did Not Care About VR Until I Watched the Puppy Bowl in VR

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl — a tradition nearly as old as America itself (do not fact-check this) — has become riveting television. Just imagine: What if football … were played by dogs? And if there were not really any rules for Dog Football? This year’s Puppy Bowl XII will feature 84 puppies. That might seem like a lot of puppies, but one (me) could argue that it’s not enough.

But even with so many puppies, time and technological innovation march ceaselessly onward, and so, this year, the Puppy Bowl is embracing new viewing experiences — chief among them the ability to watch the Puppy Bowl in 360-degree video and virtual reality, putting you right in the middle of the action. You can see a preview here.

It’ll be broadcast on YouTube, so if you have Google Cardboard you, too, can put yourself in the middle of the game. Of puppies.

The Puppy Bowl Has Come to VR