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Report Says Twitter Is Going to Expand Tweet Length to 10,000 Characters But Honestly Who Knows

A new report from Recode asserts that Twitter is planning to, in some way, expand posts on the social network past its famous 140-character limit, setting the stage for a product reportedly referred to internally as “Beyond 140.”

The main idea, according to Recode, is that tweets will initially display a quick 140 characters of text, and then contain some mechanism that allows posts to be expanded into more substantial pieces of content. The proposed new upper bound for these expanded posts is 10,000 characters, the limit that Twitter already uses for direct messages.

The move would keep in line with Twitter’s slow creep toward loading more media into your feed. It started with pictures and then expanded to video, GIFs, a native quoting feature, and Twitter Cards, which automatically previewed links to external content.

If you’re getting a slight sense of déjà vu regarding this news, it might be because Recode reported almost the same bit of news back at the end of September last year. Exactly when, or even if, this change will roll out is unclear. It’s also possibly analogous to Facebook’s Instant Articles program, which hosts publisher work directly rather than linking out, and therefore, this move likely means more for big publishers than it does for the average user.

Update 5:23 p.m.: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared this announcement a few minutes ago.

Report: Twitter Eyes Expanding Tweet Length