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People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Game Where Pikachu Talks

Nintendo took a bold new step with its Pokémon franchise this week when it revealed a new trailer for Great Detective Pikachu, a game for the 3DS, the premise of which should be fairly obvious.

Not surprisingly, sectors of the internet are very excited for the game, which features new innovations like … uh, Pikachu speaks real words and wears a deerstalker cap. It’s tough to overstate how important the hat is. One of the most important hats of 2016, for sure.

Let’s compare and contrast. Classic Pikachu does not wear a cute detective hat and speaks in high-pitched gibberish. Great Detective Pikachu, however, has a robust vocabulary and the alarming voice of a mid-level salaryman.

It hasn’t even been confirmed that the game is making its way to North America but fans are already making plans. A petition requesting for Danny DeVito to voice English-language Pikachu is nearing 25,000 signatures. This makes a lot of sense, considering Pikachu and Mr. DeVito are short, rotund creatures who can control and channel electricity.

In response to the petition, some fans have brought up DeVito’s role on the decidedly not-kid-friendly series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Great Detective Pikachu launches in Japan, sans magnum dongs, early next month.

Talking Pikachu Is Very Exciting, Concerning