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This Unbelievable GoPro Video Barrels Toward an Exhilarating Conclusion

I thought I had a pretty good handle on what would happen in “Debris on the path.” — a ten-second tour de force uploaded to YouTube last month. I was wrong.

It’s debris on the path,” I thought. “Pretty simple stuff. The path is filled with debris.” God, what a fool I was.

Filmed with a GoPro camera, so that we get a first-person view of the action, “Debris” shows what happens when you jump to conclusions too quickly. There are a lot of crazy GoPro videos out there showing extreme athletes performing sick stunts, but I’ve never seen someone maintain courage under fire like this guy.

The path will have no debris.” Wrong!

The debris in the path will be logs.” Wrong!

The debris is actually a crocodile.” Unclear!

The debris is actually an alligator.” More probable than a croc given that the video was filmed in Florida!

The biker will be scared or alarmed in some way.” Extremely wrong.

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