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Unclassy Sanders Supporters Won’t Let Trump Speak

Donald Trump held a rally in Burlington, Vermont, hometown of Bernie Sanders, on Thursday night, and while his staffers tried to manage the severely overbooked event by turning away anyone who didn’t profess their loyalty to Trump, they ultimately failed to create a refined environment in which the candidate could lay out his vision for Making America Great Again. As shown in the Washington Post video below, protesters rudely interrupted Trump’s speech at least seven times, leading to confusion about whether he’s in favor of abolishing gun-free zones in schools, or across the nation.

Trump responded to the interruptions with his characteristic grace and generosity. He helpfully pointed out the unruly audience members, directed his security to move faster, and diagnosed one protester with a substance-abuse problem. He also had a great suggestion for deterring such goon-ish behavior. “Throw him out into the cold,” Trump said. “Don’t give them their coat. No coats! Confiscate their coats!” It’s a pretty light sentence, compared to a Trump-endorsed beating.

Unclassy Sanders Backers Won’t Let Trump Speak