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Washing Machine With a Brick in It Has Brief Moment of Glory on Trampoline

Sacrificing appliances in exchange for viral-video hits is a longstanding tradition on the internet, going back so far that a video of someone throwing a brick into a spinning washing machine was once set to the Harlem Shake. Remember the Harlem Shake? No? Ask your parents. But even after all these years, people continue to innovate in the field of washing-machine self-destruct videos: The latest adds a trampoline, which turns out to be absolutely brilliant.

Instead of quaking, flopping over, and vibrating itself to pieces, this brick-laden washer bounces up and down and looks like it’s having a great time. (It’s tempting to anthropomorphize dying appliances: See this famous GIF and also the entirety of the animated film The Brave Little Toaster.)

Then the inevitable happens: The happy-go-lucky machine falls off the trampoline and goes to bits like all the others. RIP, little fella.

The creator of the video, one “bootsowen,” is apparently a washing-machine-murdering psychopath. His various YouTube appliance snuff films include a washer’s “full destruction,” a video where he throws pop cans and bricks into a machine, and another where he uses a washer’s still-spinning corpse as a fire pit.

Actually, that last one might be the work of a mad genius. You should probably watch it right now and satisfy your morbid curiosity:

Watch a Washing Machine Jump on a Trampoline