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When You See the Last Parking Spot, Then Someone Else Pulls In

When you step on the scale after thinking you did so well with your New Year’s resolution. When you realize you just sent your mom a text you meant for your bae. When you don’t check the milk before you pour it on your cereal and it’s bad.

When you press the wrong button combo on the vending machine. When that bag of Doritos is just hanging there and won’t come out. When you’re on Skype and someone resets the router.

When the doors close on the subway right as you hit the bottom step. When the door shuts behind you as you’re checking your pocket for your keys. When you get crowned Miss Universe, only to find out you’re the first runner-up. When you post a dank meme, but someone else posts a better one.

It’s okay, buddy. It happens to all of us sometimes.

(Vine from Monday night’s Golden State Warriors–Cleveland Cavaliers game, which was also a showdown between the league’s biggest stars, LeBron James and Steph Curry.)

When Someone Else Snatches the Last Parking Spot