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12 Perfect Election Vines to Catch You Up With the Primaries

The 2016 presidential campaign season, as we noted a couple of months ago, is shaping up to be the Vine Election. This is the first race in which we finally have a video platform perfectly suited to election season’s soundbite culture. What’s happened since we last checked in? Donald Trump went from “Hahahaha this guy won’t win” to “ha? ha? ha? ha? this guy won’t win? please?” He also locked down a key (??) endorsement from Sarah Palin and lost the Iowa caucus to Tedward Cruz.

Meanwhile, things are not looking so hot for Jeb Bush, heir to the Bush dynasty and perennial try-hard. He’s doing his best and it’s just not landing. Hillary and Bernie are locked in a closer-than-expected race, while that third guy who was always at the debates dropped out. Everyone’s been in Iowa trying to relate to the common people and all of this awkward hobnobbing has been captured via the news media and distorted and heightened on Vine.

Here’s what you missed.

12 Perfect Election Vines