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Check Out Beyoncé’s Flawless, $10,000 Super Bowl Airbnb


Beyoncé is just like you. When she’s in town on business and all the hotels are booked, she uses Airbnb. The difference is that when Beyoncé uses Airbnb, she rents a $10,000-a-night mansion that sits on 12 acres, and comes with an infinity pool and live chickens. And that her business is turning the Super Bowl halftime show into an artistic and political triumph. But otherwise, basically the same.

TMZ reports Beyoncé made her foray into the sharing economy up in Los Altos Hills, just a 30-minute drive from Levi’s Stadium. The mansion she stayed in — presumably with Jay Z, Blue Ivy, and an entourage — has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. According to the listing on Airbnb, it can accommodate up to ten guests.

Other nice-to-haves: a game room, a fitness center, a rooftop vegetable garden, an orchard, five ovens, three dishwashers, and “tremendous walls of glass, some that entirely disappear.”

Also essential for a celebrity of Bey’s stature: a gate and a surveillance system. Neighbors told TMZ they knew she was staying there because police SUVs with blacked-out windows were patrolling nearby.

And how was Beyoncé’s weekend at the Bay Area mansion? Same as her halftime performance: super.

Beyoncé Rented an Airbnb for the Super Bowl