Bronx Teen Dunks Basketball, Collects $50,000 From New York City

Basketball Hoop
Talk about a money shot. Photo: jlsohio/Getty Images

Ariel Bock, 17, was shooting hoops in a Williamsburg park last June when he attempted the dunk that earned him $50,000. According to DNAinfo, when Bock dunked on one of the hoops at Martinez Playground, its rim ripped away from the backboard, and he fell, fracturing two bones and suffering a puncture wound. His injuries required surgery, stitches, and physical therapy. Bock’s mother filed a claim with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, which alleged the city improperly installed the basketball hoop, allowing the rim to loosen over time — her claim was the first step toward suing the city.

But the city’s comptroller’s office didn’t let it get that far. According to records filed with the Bronx Supreme Court on Tuesday, the comptroller’s office settled with Bock for $50,000 — in settlement talks they claimed no one told them the rim was loose. Bock’s Facebook page says he’s a center forward with the NBA, which can only mean he’s made a miraculous recovery.

Bronx Teen Dunks Basketball, Gets $50,000