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This Cat With Its Head Stuck in a Vase Is Reddit’s New God

It’s hard being a cat. Sometimes you’re just trying to get your head unstuck from a vase, so you break the vase, but part of the vase is still hanging around your neck like a fancy ancient-Egyptian collar, and suddenly you’re the most popular thing on Reddit but you still have to go to the vet. Oh, the indignity!

They’re calling this unfortunate little guy “Cleo-catra” on Reddit, but the original poster of the photos says his real name is Jax.

Other than being humiliated by many Egyptian history puns and a few good Photoshops — which, let’s be honest, Jax doesn’t care about because he is a cat — Jax is doing fine. His vet was able to remove the vase from his neck with a wire saw.

Cat Gets Head Stuck in Vase, Becomes a God-Meme