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Conan O’Brien Settles the Super Bowl by Playing Doom With NFL Players

Super Bowl 50 is coming, and there are a lot of terrible things about it: concussions, parking in San Francisco, and that thing where the NFL keeps screwing over the guy who owns the only tape of Super Bowl I. But there is a bright side to this year’s Super Bowl: Tom Brady isn’t in it. And also, this video of Conan O’Brien playing the new Doom game with NFL players.

For this segment, Conan is joined by Von Miller of the Broncos, who’s a natural screen presence, and Josh Norman of the Panthers, who at least sometimes looks at the camera and is willing to cleverly cheat when a video-game trophy is on the line.

They blow up monsters, they taste some wine, they try to do improv, and then their party gets crashed by Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, the NFL’s most affable character. Dude carries a late-night segment the same way he carries six defenders down the field: patiently, and all by himself.

When Beast Mode retires over the offseason, someone had better give him a TV show.

Conan O’Brien Plays Doom With NFL Players