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De Blasio Campaigns for Hillary in Iowa, Nobody Cares

Mayor De Blasio
Ex-Friend of Hill. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Bill de Blasio finally endorsed his former boss, Hillary Clinton, in October, long after everyone had lost interest in the New York mayor’s feelings on 2016, and that spirit carried on in Iowa this weekend. De Blasio spent the weekend canvassing two towns ahead of the caucus, work usually reserved for low-level volunteers, and according to The Wall Street Journal many Iowans had no idea who he was. When informed that she had closed her door on the mayor of New York, Judy Sherman, 69, told reporters, “I did not know and I did not care” who de Blasio was. It’s one thing to be shunned by locals, but apparently even the Clinton team was indifferent to de Blasio’s presence. A person close to the campaign said, “We are fine with him here, but we would have been fine without him being here.” Ouch.

De Blasio Supports Hillary, Iowa Doesn’t Care