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Earthquake in Taiwan Leaves at Least 14 Dead, More Than 150 Missing

Earthquake Hits Southern Taiwan
The collapsed building in Tainan. Photo: Ashley Pon/Getty Images

A pre-dawn magnitude 6.4 earthquake in southern Taiwan has killed at least 14 people, and more than 150 people are still missing as some 1,500 rescue workers search the many structures damaged by the quake, including a 17-story residential building that collapsed like a folded accordion in the southwestern city of Tainan. So far, Taiwanese authorities report that nearly 500 people were injured in the quake as well. The earthquake was so strong, according to CNN, that it could be felt as far away as the southern provinces of China. It also struck at a particularly bad time as many in the country were off from work preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, one of the nation’s most popular holidays. An investigation will be launched into the construction of the collapsed high-rise, where at least 247 survivors have been rescued so far.

Earthquake in Taiwan Leaves at Least 14 Dead