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This Dragon Ball Z Fan Has Made the Only Cool Hoverboard Video So Far

Hoverboards are finally good for something other than avoidable bloopers and unnecessary hospital bills. Specifically, dressing up like Dragon Ball Z’s Goku and cruising through Taipei on your flying battle cloud like it’s just a regular day. This video drew a huge crowd of kids in a park, and an even huger crowd of viewers on YouTube.

Judging from the behind-the-scenes video, the cloud is built around a crazy-cheap hoverboard — or “hands-free Segway thing,” if you prefer — like the one recently plugged by popular YouTuber Casey Neistat. Cover it with cloud-foam at your own risk, I guess.

Goku leading an army of screaming children is the only good hoverboard video concept I’ve seen so far that doesn’t involve someone accidentally falling off of one, and brings us one terrifying step closer to a world where anime is real.

The First Legitimately Cool Hoverboard Video?