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GoPros and Selfie Sticks Can’t Make Videos As Good As This iPhone on a String

It seems like freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier has stumbled on the next big thing in extreme sports video. For a long time, the sector has been dominated by GoPros and other similar products, or if you couldn’t afford that, a phone in a selfie stick.

But those options are old news. The next big thing is string tied to a phone. Using this so-called string, Vuignier twirled the phone around him while skiing, harnessing the centripetal force of our natural world (scientists still don’t entirely understand it) to film this cool video.

Vuignier says that the technique required “two years of tinkering and tweaking” to perfect. Looks like it worked. Keep an eye on the string industry; no wonder GoPro stock is falling.

GoPros Supplanted by Phone on String