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How Does Anyone Think Jay Z Doesn’t Know What Snapchat Is?

It’s hardly surprising that Jay Z was at the Super Bowl on Sunday to watch his wife, Beyoncé, slay the halftime show as expected. Slightly more surprising: Usher Raymond was there, and he ended up hanging out with hip-hop’s royal couple at least long enough for them to pose for his Snapchat. And then this happened:

Now Jay Z apparently being unaware of Snapchat is a meme, spreading all over Twitter and on several pop-culture sites — in spite of the fact that Jay Z obviously knows what Snapchat is. For one thing, whatever Usher is saying in this video, it’s not even close to “it’s a video on Snapchat.” Because the second line of the Twitter joke is correct, it seems like no one bothered to listen to the first one.

For another, Jay made an appearance on DJ Khaled’s Snapchat — probably the best Snapchat account there is — less than a month ago, and he was clearly aware that Khaled was making a video.

True, Jay Z doesn’t have his own Snapchat, but he also doesn’t need one. That’s for younger rappers. Hov is a business, man. And what kind of business doesn’t know what Snapchat is?

People Think Jay Z Has Never Heard of Snapchat