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Foodie Dems Bot Compares Hillary and Bernie on Yelp

The “Hillary vs. Bernie on the Issues” meme of February 2016 sped through its entire internet life cycle very quickly: It started out in real life as a prank by Tumblr comedian Jeff “Pleated Jeans” Wysaski, blew up on Twitter, got parodied to hell and back, and was decried as sexist in some flaming-hot Takes. And now, just a few days after it popped up, it has evolved into its final form: a really good Twitter bot called @foodie_dems.

Foodie Democrats, created by Casey Kolderup, automatically generates Hillary vs. Bernie posters using the text of restaurant reviews on Yelp. And because Yelpers tend to be insufferable snobs, they can be very funny. For example, how do the candidates compare on the Flying Falafel?

Or San Francisco’s rapidly expanding coffee institution, Blue Bottle?

There are dozens more of these.

I understand that these posters are algorithmically generated, and that Yelp reviews of one location tend to cluster around a consensus, but I can’t help noticing an (unintentional?) allegory here: Foodie Hillary and Bernie just aren’t tremendously far apart on the big issues.

Overall, good bot. Great service. Four and a half stars.

Twitter Bot Compares Hillary and Bernie on Yelp