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Two Guys Live the Dream, Sneak Into Movie Theater Disguised As One Large Man

Two best friends, Bo and Matthew — Bo a Seattle stand-up comedian and comedy host and Matthew a guy named Matthew — recently announced that they had achieved their lifelong dream of getting into a movie theater on the same ticket by disguising themselves as one large man.

The windup to the prank, which takes up the first three minutes or so of the video, is not essential. Skip to their attempt to sneak in. Despite the obvious, conspicuous lump attached to his body, Bo buys a single ticket and waddles right into the theater area, letting Matthew out of the disguise once they’re safely inside an elevator.

How did the ticket seller not notice something unusual was going on? According to one source, he did — he just didn’t want to risk being wrong.

A YouTube commenter claims her dad is the general manager of the theater Bo and Matthew sneaked into, and when she showed him the video, she said he thought it was hilarious. Although the video was filmed almost a year ago — notice they’re buying a ticket to the 2015 Avengers the employee who sold them the ticket apparently remembered that day.

According to the tipster in the YouTube comments, “[He] didn’t want to say anything because there are people who actually have medical conditions that make them look like that.  It would be horrifying to ask someone with that genuine condition ‘Hey, do you have another person hiding under your clothes?’”

A lesson learned: To pull off this trick, you don’t need to convince anyone. You just have to make them feel awkward enough that it’s easier not to ask. Seems like a lot of work for a $15 movie ticket, but hey, to each his own. Or their own, in this case.

Two Guys Sneak Into Movie Theater Dressed As One