Report: Target Employees Will Now Get a $10 Minimum Wage

Customers leave Target August 14, 2003 in Springfield, Virgina.

Target is apparently the latest company to respond to the recent push to increase wages for workers. Reuters reports that the retailer will raise its hourly wage to $10 for employees, a $1 add to last year’s hike of $9 per hour. Workers who are already earning $10 an hour will also likely see a wage bump, according to the report. Target hasn’t officially released any details about this potential change, neither confirming nor denying the report in a vague statement. It’s not clear exactly when and which employees will see the increase — but, per Reuters, it could likely happen as early as next month.

Target, which currently employees about 341,000, is following the lead of fellow retail giant Walmart — which is raising its pay rate for most employees to $10 per hour this year — in bumping up salaries. Nationally, a $15 minimum wage is the magic number, one championed by fast-food workers and that has gained traction nationally. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton fiercely debated a minimum-wage increase last week, during their Brooklyn debate. California and New York just passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15, though increases in both those states are incremental. New York City, for example, won’t guarantee $15 per hour until 2018, and it’s going to take much longer in the suburbs and the rest of the state.

Report: Target Employees Get $10 Minimum Wage