Rex Ryan Will Introduce Donald Trump at His Buffalo Rally Tonight

Rex Ryan and Donald Trump have been compared to each other in the past.

In an alternate universe, Donald Trump — who once attempted to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills — could be Rex Ryan’s boss right now. Instead, Trump is doing some last-minute campaigning in Buffalo in advance of tomorrow’s New York primary, and Ryan told reporters today that he will introduce Trump at a rally there tonight.

The two men have been compared to each other in the past: Ryan, after all, is a brash, polarizing figure in the football world, and it’s been noted that “Like his counterpart in the political sphere, Ryan is willing to dispense with press-conference politesse to dump on his rivals.” (Both men have done some fine reality-TV work as well.)

Trump, incidentally, now has both Rex Ryan and his longtime nemesis Tom Brady in his corner, so maybe the Republican front-runner really is a uniter.

Rex Ryan to Introduce Donald Trump at Rally