Chris Christie Is Still Pretty Sure Donald Trump Will Give Him a Job

Can’t get rid of me so easily.

Donald Trump’s rebooted transition team spurned loyalist Chris Christie, forcing him back to his dreary day job as the historically unpopular governor of New Jersey. But according to a report in Politico, Christie doesn’t expect to be in the wilderness forever. Rather, he is predicting a chaotic Trump White House with much higher than average turnover, creating plenty of opportunities for ambitious, out-of-work loyalists. As a transition official told Politico:

“There’s waves in everything… There’s waves in campaigns. There was [Corey] Lewandowski. Then, there was Paul Manafort. Then, there was [David] Bossie, [Stephen] Bannon, and Kellyanne [Conway]. That’s how Trump operates. It’s Game of Thrones, the Apprentice, and Survivor all mixed into one.”

Who wouldn’t want to work at a place like that?

Chris Christie Is Still Pretty Sure Trump Will Give Him Job