Congress Certifies Trump’s Win As Biden Tells Dems ‘It Is Over’

“It is over.” Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

A joint session of Congress met Friday to make official Donald Trump’s victory in November’s presidential election. House Democrats mounted a desperate, last-minute attempt to challenge Trump’s Electoral College win but no senators would join their protest, which is required to keep the objection going.

“It is over,” Vice-President Joe Biden told Washington Democrat Pramila Jayapal when it became clear that the protest would fail.

But the purpose of the protest was not to change anything, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi admitted.

“It’s not going to have an impact on the outcome of the election. So, that’s not the point. But I think that people don’t want the day to pass without registering concern,” she told reporters before the vote. “In some cases, members are concerned about voter suppression. In some cases they are concerned about Russian influence on our election.” Their concerns have been noted.

Congress Certifies Trump’s Win