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Instagram Stories Testing Ads Because Nothing Gold Can Stay

Instagram is reportedly testing ads for Stories. Photo: Instagram

Instagram is reportedly testing new video ads to be shown within Instagram Stories. An anonymous ad-agency executive told Ad Age the Facebook-owned company has begun the test by rolling out the ads with a small group of “publishers and content creators.” Which means you won’t be seeing ads in stories from your friends. At least, not yet.

From Ad Age:

On Monday, Facebook sent a note to advertisers that they would start seeing the option to serve their ads into live and “formerly live” videos. “There are advertiser controls that you can use to exclude ad delivery within specific content,” the memo said.

The update follows the announcement that Facebook is testing mid-roll ads, or ads which begin after a viewer has watched a video for a set number of seconds. The ads begin playing after viewers have watched for at least 20 seconds and are only available for videos over 90 seconds in length. “Facebook will sell the ads and share the revenue with publishers, giving them 55 percent of all sales,” Recode reported earlier today. And frankly, it’s not that surprising to see Instagram toying with advertisements. Snapchat has them, so it was only a matter of time.

Instagram Stories Testing Ads Because Nothing Gold Can Stay